Remember this……………

……….. I sold an item of very little value (£2.99) on Thu:16 Apr 2015. I duly sent the item same day Royal Mail 1st Class Large Letter. I got home from work tonight and had a message from buyer informing me that the item had not arrived and could they have a refund. I asked them to wait until Thursday of this week and if it had not arrived I would duly refund. I thought a week and no item is long enough to wait.

Buyer responded that she would like an immediate refund as it was not a problem with Royal Mail as all her other items have arrived on time. I then replied that if as asked earlier if not arrived by Thursday then please let me know and I will gladly refund and take it up with Royal Mail. I doubt Royal Mail will help due to the low value of the item concerned and it not being sent Signed For.


I then decided to look up this persons feedback really expecting a negative coming my way and boy was I surprised at what I found……


Neg: Item shrank after just 1 wash,poor quality, dont buy.seller did not offer refund

Pos: I didn’t receive my item however seller was very understanding and gave a refund

Neg: seller does not communicate. had to ring ebay and complain. terrible seller

Pos: (Revised) It take a while to come to an agreement but seller refunded whole amount

Neg: Contacted and returned the item promptly for a refund. Seller has not responded.



(Reply) Total Rubbish !, The Buyer Was Impatient And Wanted a Refund After 24 Hours

Neg: long time to despatch and poor communication

Neg: the ink quality is so poor made me think that my printer had stopped working

Neg: Still has not processed my refund as promised, Completely ignoring my messages

Neg: the seller is not helpful, does not answer simple questions after repeating

(Reply) Buyer was issued with a full refund. We were helpful throughout communication


These were 11 feedbacks left out of 16 in total.

3 of these sellers are no longer registered on eBay. This person cannot go on leaving feedback like this surely? I have never known a buyer to have had so much bad luck. She no longer wants the item from me as she purchased same item in Wilkinsons and no longer needs mine. I do not believe for one minute that Wilkinsons sell the product she purchased from me.

I shall be taking this up with eBay in the morning as I believe this lady is really pulling a fast one here. The thing is she would have had her refund ( and still will as I cannot prove delivery) but I will not take it lying down. If she had not mentioned Wilkinson’s I would not have batted an eyelid and when I asked her about it it was not the same brand as the one I sold her but the same colour but a different brand. There are no other brands that sell this colour. 

Any ideas folks, do I refund her before a case is opened and won or speak with eBay CS first?

I eagerly await replies.


Just to add I did post this on the Answer Centre but thought I would add it here for what seems to me a larger audience. I spoke with CS this morning and I did as usual get all the spiel, we cannot say to offer a refund but as there was no tracking you will lose the case should it be escalated. I was then told to use the REPORT MEMBER facility if I think she is abusing the Buyer Protection System, so I did and the CS agent I spoke with said he would report it to Trust and Safety, Bottom line is She has had her item, and now her money back. I just sit and wait for the RED DOT to appear, which I am told may not be removed but if I do get one to get back in touch. Is it all worthwhile? In my opinion, NO. What do you folks think?………………………………..



The saga continues. I refunded this buyer on the 22nd April, 6 days after they purchased after I was advised to here and also by eBay customer support.  Today I get this……………….


This is taking way too long. I would like a refund or I will be forced to open a case and escalate this to Ebay. ALSO for some reason you have stated I did not pay for this item? When I certainly did, I don’t get why it is saying it is an unpaid item. When I have paid but got no item or any refund. I will give negative feedback this is really frustrated that I am having to chase this up.


1) I have never stated that she never paid for this item. It must be showing her end item unpaid for due to the refund.

2) Is this feedback extortion or not?


Any help appreciated as I see a massive red dot coming my way.


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