device not recognized, when paying invoice?

hey guys im trying to pay off an invoice im getting device not recognized, im tired of calling in 10 times talk to different agents and nobody can help me out.

I tried even to send a personal payment of $50 same issue

i am bank + creditcard confirmed 100% profile completed status


i’ve answered questions and passed, adjustment made no changes

was told to try again 30 minutes later, no changes, – 30 minutes later called back agent did some adjustments try again

30 minutes later, no changes, repeat call back no changes

on going loop where the paypal agents says they did everything they can.


then i had another agent call my cell on my paypal to verify its me, done adjustment made.

no changes CANNOT pay invoice cannot send ANY payments regardless amount $50, 100, 500, etc.


paypal honestly getting unacceptable for users.


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