Feedback Etiquette

I’ve been a buyer and seller on here since 2003.  500 transactions through selling have resulted in the buyer leaving feedback first. There are around 100 I would say during the period who haven’t bothered to leave feedback, even after I requested feedback in a nice manner.


As a buyer I would not hesitate to leave feedback on receipt of the item regardless of whether the buyer left me feedback before or after.


I used to be of the mind of leaving feedback first as a seller but a few transactions where I was left negative feedback without any justifiable cause made me quite angry. eBay would always side with the buyer in most cases ( evidence of verbal abuse via the messaging system was provided – they’d get a warning but you’d still be left with the negative feedback on your profile for 12 months).


Thus I stopped leaving feedback first and always requested feedback after a few days of sending the item out.  In many cases this was never an issue – the buyer would leave feedback and I would follow up quickly with feedback of my own.


Tonight I’ve had a rather arsey customer who would rather argue the toss with me over 500 words in a message rather than leave me a sentence. Given their initial response to me and reasoning which I thought was fine, I actually left feedback first but now they want a war of words with me.  It’s madness and all rather sad.


What are other eBayer’s stances with regards to this?

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