**HELP!!!!!!** Unreasonable bad FB from buyer lead to listing limit reduction!

I recently received 3 bad FB from different buyers as below


1) simly left ‘bad seller’ while I didn’t do anything

2) ‘item doesn’t work’ while the buyer alrady opened return case and I am waiting for the item which never arrives

3) ‘such a rip off’


I feel like the buyers simply left the 1 and 3 comments based on anger while I didn’t violate any rules. The price and descriptions are as described and both parties agreed before the buyer make the payment. They didn’t have to buy it if they think it is too expensive.


Meanwhile, for the 2 comment, if the buyer found my brand new item defected, I am more than happy to handle a return case with a refund afterward. However, the buyer left me a bad comment, opened a return case but without shipping me back the original item.


It seems that buyers can leave bad comment whenever they want to ruin the buyers’ reputation. I feel a lost of protection for sellers which I think you all agree.


My listing limit has been reduced from 200+ back to 13. I am so disappointed and have no motivation to start all over again.


Does anyone have any suggestions for me so that I can have more listings again? (p.s. I have already tried to complaint those buyers to ebay but no feedback/update from ebay whatsoever!)

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