hi people, i was wondering if there is anything like an avoid this buyer page (ha)

a buyer said do you combine postage yes i said, the buyer won 6 items and that was the end of it not a word not a payment. i had looked at the buyers feedback 600 + 100% so i never expected any issues. after no messages or payment i again looked at the feedback and to my surprise 11 feedbacks of the same none payment and no communication all classed as positive, this due to not been able to put a negative feedback (ebay policy) aparently to protect sellers from retribution feedback.


this does not make sense this buyer has repeatedly bid and won items from sellers and then totally ignored them and it appears rewarded with + feedbacks. this buyer has done this to 11 sellers up to now and when i approach ebay they say they will be sanctiond, how with more + feedback causing other sellers to think the buyer is genuine.


i want to add the buyers name and details but i bet i would get into trouble.






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