Return Rejected by Ebay

Bought a skirt for member of family. The skirt was too small. Seller is a private seller although a business and does not accept returns. The seller refused the return, appealed to Ebay  They agreed to accept the return. Then .they chose in seller’s favour and removed my negative feedback. Surely clothe sellers shoulld accept returns for these reasons.


Stuck with a skirt that is too small. Now relisting it for a sale.


Considering going to Small Claims Court.  The item is new with labels and under Long Distance Selling Regulations we are entitled to a seven day cooling off period.


We paid via paypal on a credit card not a login account as it was for a member of family who hasnt got a paypal account.


The skirt cost close to 30 pounds. Would you be inclinded to go to court to get the remainder of the cost?



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