Smart Connect funding sources error

I spent 30 minutes on the phone yesterday being thrown between 4 different people and noone could tell me what’s wrong.


Here’s the deal:  I’ve got 2 banks linked (added) to my PayPal account, both of which have been used for a long time with no problems, especially when I make a payment to my Smart Connect every few weeks or 30 days. 


From the Make Payment page it asks what Funding Source I want to use, but now my banks are missing from this list.  The banks are still on the main PayPal account when I check… they’re there.


The only option that Smart Connect gives me is to pay using my PayPal balance IF the balance is over 0.  It WAS over 0 until I got on the phone with a rep and she told me to send my PayPal balanace to one of my banks to clear it out of the PayPal account to see if the Smart Connect menu will show my banks, then.


Now NOTHING shows and I can’t make a payment.  With a perfect credit report, I’m getting a little nervous just days before the payment is due.


There is a link that says [add bank] and when I try to add my banks back, PayPal tells me they are already linked to my account!!  This proves that the Smart Connect payment page generator has some sort of error.


I have cleared my browsing history, cookies, everything in Firefox back to a new slate and this did not help.  Closing the browser down, rebooting, revisiting PayPal using the direct URL typed into the address field didn’t help.


I find this troubling that nowhere on the web has anybody mentioned this problem, and the reps were all clueless.  It’s “just me”?


Can somebody please help?

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