Buyer wants refund before return he states wrong size

Hi I sold a pair of mens gucci loafers size 9uk they was my husbands I’m a private seller. The buyer states they are Infact the wrong size and a 7.5uk this isn’t the case as my husband would not buy or wear shoes 2x to small. He demands that I issue a fl refund on all cost and return postage as it is my mistake, and he will them return the shoes. I was happy to do this and told the buyer I would but they will need to be returned first !! Me being so worried about it affecting my eBay cause he said he will escalate it if I don’t to what he says, didn’t realise until my husband said it isn’t possible for them to be wrong size as they was my shoes. What do i do? I’ve now asked for proof of them being wrong size that I listed, but no reply from buyer please help I’ve been selling on her for 2 years and never had this problem ever. Thanks in advance for all replys

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