Problem with other seller.

I’ve been having problem with another seller (competitor if you like), we was checking each others products and trying to out do each other which is daft looking back but its escalated now at his end to just becoming really stupid.

A week later I’ve got a negative feedback for what I felt was unfair but so does everybody, I know the order was dispatched the following day and the feedback was within 3 days of ordering. I messaged the buyer and asked would they change it if I refunded as the items are quite low value it isn’t worth the hassle and got no reply. I had no communication from the buyer apart from negative feedback.

Checked the address of the buyer and I’m certain its a second account or friends account of the other seller, 15 minutes away from his address.

A week passes and the same thing has happened again, negative feedback and buyer not responding and never sent me a message at any point.


Finally today I have an order that’s in the same post code so I’m guessing that’s the third.

I’ve just looked into maybe blocking buyers with 0 feedback but found out you can’t do that so how can I combat this, I’m certain its the seller as we was going at it a little but other than stooping to the same level is there anything I can do to stop it or minimize the effect? one more and I’ll lose the powerseller and TRS and tbh just can’t be bothered with arguing and fighting over sales but I’m not going to quit ebay either.

How would you proceed?

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