Thats the lat time I report a Paypal phishing e-mail

Generally I’m good & report them all but not any more


Got one basically worded like this :



Dear Customer,


As part of PayPal commitment to excellence, we invite you to share your thoughts about PayPal’s unauthorized account access claim process.

we place great value on your time, so this survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete. All feedback in addition to other information collected will be used in accordance with PayPal Privacy Policy. Survey answers may be tied back to respondents. In the survey, you will have the opportunity to opt out from being contacted regarding feedback.

Please visit the following website to complete the survey. Simply click on the web address below (or copy and paste the link into your browser):



So I was good & forwarded to Paypal…….the reply I got :


Dear xxxxxxxxxx,
Thanks for taking an active role by reporting suspicious-looking emails.
Unfortunately, we’re unable to determine if this email is considered
phishing because the email did not claim to come from PayPal.
Nonetheless, we are grateful for your concern.



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