Appeal transaction defect?

I’ve recieved a transaction defect for an item I sold – the buyer at first sent me a message complaining that it wasn’t as described as he expected an M39 lens mount on his camera, and the camera had an M42 lens mount, and wanted a refund. The description didn’t state what lens mount the camera had, and I pointed this out to the buyer, and offered a refund on the cost of the camera but not on postage as a good will gesture. The buyer then (also in my messages) accepted that it wasn’t in the description, and that the camera was in perfectly working condition, so he left me positive feedback. I now have a transaction defect for that sale though, for 1/2/3 star for item as described. Seeing as it’s positive feedback, eBay won’t let me complain about the feedback, but the buyer has said in my messages that the item was as described and that it was his mistake. Is there any way for me to appeal this?

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