Help! Very confused



Purchased an item on ebay and paid straight away on paypal.  I requested to pick it up and seller was very obnoxious about collection 



I emailed to arrange collection and I never got a reply but as I live close I decided to call around to her house (on my mobility scooter) but the address was empty I then received an email saying they were away because of the bank holiday, they would be back monday and I informed them monday wasn’t suitable and using my words “maybe tomorrow” she went off on one saying how she had bent over backwards to get back for me and she would not be in on tuesday she had various appointments etc etc, she said “maybe tomorrow??? what does that even mean????” REALLY?  


I said I had called round earlier and found the house empty and she went ballistic saying how dare I go round to her home unannounced, but I told her if she says collection then it is possible that someone will call unannounced, and she was now going to report me to ebay.


so after a discussion she decided she didn’t want to sell the item to me anyway now and said she would be refunding my money, I logged into paypal and found the item refund is “pending”  whatever that means and then she has market the item as despatched, I left feedback saying she was rude and obnoxious and I find that this feedback has disapeared


Could someone help please

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