I bought a memory card reader it burnt out my memory card and damaged my camera costing me over £100

I bought memory card reader used it once took my pictures checked them on camera the put my memory card in the reader could not get it to work , put my memord card back in my camera could not get momory card to work now in my camersa , so bought new memory card as thought it was that it would not work either in my camera ,

I took it to our uncle as it was his camera he had a look he told me the memory card was burt but didnt know why the camera was not working so took it to camera shop ,They told me the memory card reader has burnt out the momory card and due to the memory card been burnt it has bent pins on camea and it would cost me £70 plus vat to get it fixed .

So this memory card reader has cost me £84.00 and £25.00 for memory card the seller has refunded my money for the card reder that he sold me but just keeps ignoring my emails about the money i am out due to his product any advice in what to do 


Many thank 




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