Newbee Help with PAD – Pay After Delivery – It disappeared! Poof!

Hello, I’ve seen this topic a few time without any answers and since the posts I viewed were  pretty old,  thought I’d try again.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I have made several purchase from a clothing boutique  over the past few months using PAD and this time that option was not available. My account is in good standing. I recently updated/upgraded to a business acount but I have used PAD since the update for a small item from  a business that I would think wouldn’t be eligble for PAD. (Go Figure!)


I also have tried looking for it , today, on a small item on eBay, as I thought maybe this amount ($142) was more than I could use for PAD. However, the eBay item, defualted to my debit card and PAD was not a choice.


I have opted out of PAD, cleared cookies, cache, etc. Logged back into paypal opted in and tried again with no luck. I’ve tried different devices and I have added an addtional credit card to my profile.


Have you had this situation and resolved it? If so, I’d like to hear from you! Even if you haven’t figured it out but have ideas, chime in. I’m a long time PayPal user but new to the community boards and new(ish) to PAD.




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