no item no refund

Hi we know the item we ordered from china is no longer under the 30 days protection ebay have, just after some clarification that we now have no protection at all.. ordered an item on and payed for on the 19 of feb this year. delivery was stated as being economy , so we expected a delay in delivery.. it was tracked so we had eyes on the parcel.. all looked good for a while the parcel was (and still is) said to be in transit.. time was getting on thought we had better email seller.. long story short emailed a good few times, all with replies from the seller to the point he had sent another item and it would take a week to get to us.. after 2 weeks still no item, now asking for a refund but  this time no reply.. i know we took a while to start the ball rolling with comunication but feel we were getting somewhere.. not now though as the seller now has no other items listed and a good few negative`s in the last 6 month of no iem recievd.. do we have any help available to us nearly 3 months on.. i suspect not .. thanks in advance  :smileyhappy: littleredbucket

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