So angry with buyer who left bad feedback

Sold some laptop memory from our shop. we end up with it when we upgrade people machines. So i sold it. 


Anyway he messaged me he would pay the best prices for more etc, i dont belive in selling off of ebay, it doesnt seem right to me so i let the auction finish. He won 2 lots so i reduced the postage and packed it well. I put some extra ones in there as you can never know if any arent right. 


He mailed me that he wasnt happy they werent tested, but they were fine when taken out so why shouldnt they be fine. Anyhow we are reasonable people. We would send a few more if needed.


One thing has been niggling me though. If you had bought used items off ebay and possibly intend to sell on, wouldnt you want to test them yourself also. 


What are your thoughts? should i be feeling annoyed at this?

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