Unable to Use or View PayPal Credit

I’m trying to make a purchase via ebay and pay with PayPal Credit.

Every time I try to check out, when I select pay with PayPal Credit, it asks me to apply for a credit line.

Every time I try to check out with PayPal, it only lets me use credit cards or checking accounts.


When I login to paypal.com, I don’t see any information about my PayPal Credit account, even though I’ve had it for years.

The most I can see is in my transaction log, I made a  couple PayPal Credit payments in February.

When I try to link PayPal and PayPal Credit via paypalcredit.com, I am told that they are already linked, even though as I mentioned, I can’t seem to find any information about my credit line at paypal.com.

When I try to log in via billmelater.com, I am merely referred to paypal.com.


Are there any known solutions to this problem?

Am I possibly doing something wrong?

How do I view my credit line information?


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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