Item returned as tampered and damaged

I sold a desktop computer system at end of march, and it was all fuly tested,  security labelled (to avoid opening and tampering), as well as photographs taken of the label as well as the system on and working.

I sent it using UPS tracked and insured promptly and on time.


The buyer came back to me 3 weeks after it arrived, and is saying they didnot open the box until just now and bits inside the computer are rattling around. I replied politely and apologietically, and requested photos and actual description of the damage but all I got back was one tiny blurry photo that did not show anything.


I replied saying I cannot assist if the information is not provided as I need it to know how best to proceed / course of action to take.

Eventually the buyer called and said they cannot take the photo’s but are in London at the moment so can come over and show the unit, to which I agreed.


When they arrived it was clear the anti tamper label had been removed, as it iwas sitting on the top of the computer. In addition the side panel had been taken off, and the screw of the grpahics card was missing, and the card loose rattling around. The SATA connectors on the motherbiard look as though they had been ripped off.


Buyer would not lsiten to reason, not even my suggestion that they pay just for the parts costs, and I will cover the rest. They insisted I foot the entire bill. So I contacted PayPal, as Ebay told me it is outside the 30 days so they will not help the buyer.

Now PayPal told me that its my problem, and even though I have the photos’ of the item it makes no difference, and also even if I use void / anti-tamper labels it does not really make a difference atthe end of the day.


Now I am stuck with the computer and have to repair it at my own cost, and send it back to the buyer at my own cost. And even though i took out insurance with the courier, I cant claim a thing since the buyer reported it so late.


Would be ever so grateful, if any experienced ebay’ers could advise as to if the above is right, and also how better i could have done anything, for future.


Thank you.

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