Jewellery (well a watch!) and global shipping program

Well hello all. Been a few years since I was a reg here, albeit not on this id.


I saw a Tag Heuer watch in the US – nothing very rare or fancy – and tried to buy it.


I got an error stating “We are sorry but the item you selected may not be purchased due to Seller shipping restrictions, country specific import/export or other relevant restrictions.”


According to Livehelp, that is because it’s considered to be jewellery and all items are banned from the global shipping program. The watch is £200-ish, and made of stainless steel with some gold plating on the bezel.


Is it really so that I can’t buy a pretty standard item like this if it’s listed with global shipping? The seller got no warning when they listed it, and seems to be listing things to an international audience that can’t buy it. What’s the point of that? They are as concerned as me about it.


I checked this page for restrictions: and while two agents tried to convince me that jewellery is a restricted category in its own right (under special services!), it seems perhaps it falls under the restricted items (not category) that seems to prohibit jewellery.


Is this right? Is it therefore not possible to buy a branded watch or any other type of jewellery using the global shipping program?


And if so, how come the seller isn’t warned that they’re creating a listing that’s impossible to buy for any overseas buyer?

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