Returning item to a different sellers address?

My first post here, not sure how I found this place, but I could do with some help please.  I purchase many items on here, thankfully with no issues, only once I had one item not arrive, and this week an item arrived but re sealed by Royal Mail, containing an empty envelope.


It should have contained a small box with a pot of cream inside, but the envelope was not portected, no bubble wrap, just a basic enevelope, ripped with no item. I contacted the seller who would not help and just said sorry, nothing I can do. So I opened an item not as described case, and the seller has accepted a return, but has not provided a posatge label and the address given in the case is different to the one given in paypal when I purchased.


I contacted CS at Ebay on the phone and was advised not to return anything but wait until May 15th to esculate the case, and call back to be issued with an Ebay postage label and send then, not to send to the address other then the one Ebay give.


I am also not sure what to do about feedback. I have not had a helpful seller at all, but never have liked leaving negative feedback. So advice would be welcome on that too.


Is this correct? I have not ever returned anything before, it is a low cost item less then £10, but I don’t want to mess things up. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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