Seller who undervalues items

Hi folks. Is there a way to pay back income VAT from sellers who undervalue packages? There’s an item I’m after which is over the customs limit and the seller marks them as gifts.


From what I’ve read falysying value is an illegal practise which I can understand, but these items are exclusive to x country and I just want the items and I don’t want to break the law and the seller would think I was mad if I asked them not to do it. I’ve been looking over at the HMRC website and they don’t seem to mention paying back fees if the package doesn’t get caught.


I know there are people who will think I’m silly for just wanting to do it based on principal but that’s me. I’m even thinking of not buying the items but why should I miss out? Can’t I just donate £30 to charity instead? A bit tongue-tied here. I want the items but I don’t want to do the wrong thing. :smileyfrustrated:


Thanks for your help.

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