Buyer trying to pull a fast one?

Hi I am after some advice.


About 2 weeks ago I sold 2 phones as spares or repairs, both phones worked but as they were tatty and well used, I sold them as spares or repairs.

Now the phones are orange branded and were used by myself and my wife on the orange network but we were unsure if they were unlocked to other networks and had no way to test them.

so in my advert I said and ai quote “I am unsure if these phones are unlocked, they are orange branded and were contract phones”


Anyways the same buyer bought the pair fron 2 auctions and asked for combined postage so I obliged and charged him £5 for the postage and sent them via recorded postage.

it took the guy a week to pick them up and he had them another week after reciveing them and suddenly he sends me a message.


Hi there

I have tried both these phones and have found they are both not working with orange sim cards as you mentioned in your advertisement.

therefore I am requesting a full refund


I look forward to your reply soon please


He dosent say the phones arnt working just that they wont take an orange sim which I know they do, at least orange contract sims.



Can anyone advise me what to do next?

Ive heard many horror storys of buyers returning different handsets or bags of parts in place of the origional item, I dont really want the items returned.




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