eBay’s lopsided policy to sellers is harming them

I do feel that eBay’s approach to a changing marketplace has lost them marketshare.


Buyers refunded without any inquiry has lead to increasing bad press. Investigating even 50% of suspected fraudulent cases would put off the more lazy scammers

Google doesn’t like bad press and acts accordingly for search


Scam buyers leaving negative and neutral fb put off other buyers who may decide not to buy off someone who may actually be a fantastic seller with great cs who has just had bad luck


Unfair defects are downgrading UK sellers with fast delivery and placing Chinese sellers with high volume further up. This means that many buyers may have to wade even further for a fast delivery and better match.


I am a business seller. With recent trends, I have listed less and less very unique items due to buyers who believe they must dictate their T & Cs to me. These items would never sell on Amazon because Amazon sellers are not able to add unique, informative descriptions so easily. I can add the personal touch(like others with their items) to sell it on here.


I also have personal items but would rather not pay to lose a perfectly good mobile phone when I could just leave it in a drawer permanently or send it to a charity shop. It would just be traumatic to pay to lose an item because it had a 1mm scratch on the screen.


eBay CS seem to be unable to help us at all. Fair enough, we’ve lost the case due to a lopsided system-but removing that defect caused by an obvious scammer would mean a healthier relationship with sellers.



Some thoughts and opinions of mine which I hope eBay will take on board.

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