I get a defect because the buyer did NOT pay? beyond a joke.

I have always done what I thought was right, after sending several invoices and receiving no replies or payment, I always opened non payment cases.

Just lately I have had several non payers, all who have not responded to ivoices or messages, in all the cases the buyers have paid on the last day before I could close the case, leaving me sweating on neg / neaut feedbacks or low dsr’s.


So for my latest non payer I thought I would try the “Cancel transaction” with the reason “Buyers payment has not been received”, low and behold, the cancel request is now registered as a defect on my account.


Is there anything that a buyer can do that will put them in the wrong?


I just thank my lucky stars that I do not use the “Best offer” option, eBay would probably give us a defect if we turned down a too low offer. 

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