Is this a scam

Someone asking to pay some by bank transfer some by PayPal..

Here’s message it’s 5 am I’m not making much sense of it

Hi,joe whats up.?

Thanks for give me chance and replay my msg here the story is:
£255.00(express delivery at 12 pm)
_£46.81(Payment through paypal)
So £208.19 called £208.20 send to your bank account, all you need is send to me:

1.Paypal email address(makesure is not type wrong otherwise that money is go someone else)This is same like cash you just withdrwal to your bank account.
2.Your bank detail:name of bank,sort code,your name(makesure everything is right).

The reason i do this i just created paypal account and taking money from my bank account( tried how is work) i just realise my bank account is overdraw.So wasn’t enough money if i send to you all amount.That why i dont want put it on my bank account.My situation is difficult now.joe.i just bought beautifull watch you can look on my feedback but if your story like you mentioned early about ebay fee/paypal fee.So we stuck on similiar situation.

Please note:
1.Please send on express delivery at 12 pm guarantee like you mentioned on message that mean £255.00 is included.And tracking number
2.As soon as i transfer the money though to your paypal account you cannot sell it to some one else.You can end your listing asap.
3.You’ll see payment from on on your paypal account £46.81
4.Reach me at lm living at lancashire.UK
5.Please,send all the item according to your listing/pictured/description.
6.All the recceipt from these payment i’ll keep it for my own record and send to you as proof/evidence.

I let you to think joe, everything in your call,Im working all day on friday im living in small town so the bank is closed on saturday(monday will be better).i dont have internet banking also if have wasn’t enough my town available bank is lloyd tsb,barclay bank,Yorkshire bank.Thank you much appreciated,joe.

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