Seller account restricted

My account has been suddenly restricted and completely without a warning. I have been selling on Ebay for 15 years, have 15 000+ positive feedback, 100% of them positive.


The restriction was all due to the fact that a couple of months ago there was some problem with the international mail system with deliveries to USA. I had not experienced anything like that in my 15 years of selling, so it took me completely by surprise that suddenly there were 14 “cases” made against me in a short period of time. I think many of these buyers did not even realize they were making a complaint against me when they simply asked after their items. Nor did I realize that these “cases” would lead several months later to this result.


All these cases were eventually closed by the buyers when they received their items – except one, when Ebay packed a buyer insisting that 2 weeks was too long time to wait for an item coming from Europe to USA, so he was refunded by Ebay (and kept the item when it arrived). I did not receive any negative or neutral feedback from these transactions, but now Ebay, counting only these opened cases (and not the results, my feedback nor my selling history) has decided that I am a “risk to” and forbids me to sell to USA.


In the same process my listings on are restricted to 500 less than what I used have, so instead of them being renewed like usual, they are being deleted randomly when they end their monthly circle. What is more, I cannot even edit or revise my remaining listings –  feature quite important to me as I have stock in 2 different countries an need to chance tthe location, dispatch times and prices. And of course I cannot list any more items for sale.


I don’t know how removing 500 of my items from sales randomly and restricting me to even edit my listings will make me a better seller? Up until today when I received their “final answer” saying that I am not “permitted to appeal” I was thinking that naturally Ebay would admit that they have went too far in this case and use common sense.


Any ideas what I could do?

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