Using the wrong account.

Recently, I got a new account that was checking instead of savings, closing said account. I then went home and sent money to two people directly from my account then added some money to my balance, making them pending transactions. The next day, I noticed that i did all this with the account that was emptied and closed. I went back to the bank to resolve this issue to discover an error where they failed to approve the closing and that the account was in pending for closing with all the money still inside. So, i left the money for the two people in it, sent the rest to my new account, and left. Now I’m wondering about the pending transactions as well as the uncancelable withdraw for my balance. Will they be reset due to the account almost closing? Will the withdraw be processed first and cancel my two charges because it is more than whats left in the account? Or will it be vice versa? Also, I tried to withdraw money from my new account and it is failing due to an unstated problem. “There’s a problem with adding money to your account.” is all I’m given. Is this becuase of the other, pending withdraw from another account?

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