Non Receipt case opened, Defect Received, Bank holiday not displayed. Thanks Ebay!

Just had an ‘item not received’ case opened against me for an item i listed with a second class 3 working day delivery + 1 day despatch. Buyers reason for opening the case… “Hi was promised delivery for the 7th may .Its the 8th today & haven t received it yet ” 

He ordered on Sunday the 3rd! Due to the bank holiday i couldnt physically post until Tuesday the 5th so how he’s been given the 7th on a 3 working day delivery clearly tells me that Ebay HAVE NOT taken the bank holiday into account. 

Aside from even getting into the fact i don’t think Ebay should allow a buyer to open a non receipt case whilst item is still within delivery schedule, I’ve just spoken to Ebay live chat and was told the following…

” if the item is delivered tomorrow, please let us know. We will be able to close the case on your favour. As long as we have confirmation of delivery.”

So i’ve now got to rely on the buyers honesty in telling me it has arrived tomorrow (It was a £4 item sent 2nd class) and hope i haven’t made him feel annoyed by telling him i’m right and him and Ebay are wrong to have this defect removed. 

I asked the chat lady the following….

“Can i ask why Ebay do not take bank holidays into account when giving delivery schedules to buyers? it’s a massive pain and i won’t know if ive been marked down from feedback from other buyers who think their item was late either?”

I was told the following…

“I apologise but this is not being determined by the system. Since these are holidays. 

But we can consider late deliveries as long as item is delivered to the buyer. 

May I know if you have other queries today?” 
Did that response make sense to anybody else? 
It’s probably been said 1,000 times over already but why oh why do Ebay put so much importance and emphasis on ratings and defects to the point it could mean life or death for your business and your living yet make it so passive about letting anybody leave defects and not educate them about what it actually means??!!!
I only have 400 feedback on my selling account. Any buyers who now think ive posted late could kill my account before its even got started and i won’t even know it until its too late.
Ebay i’m tired already. When are you going to start to protect the people who keep you in business. THE SELLERS!

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