Global shipping programme- who is the customer?

I’d love for ebay to clarify how they get away with this:


The seller decides to include the global shipping programme with their listing (sometimes it’s added automatically to the listing). It now forms part of the terms & conditions of sale. If you bid, you have to pay. From this point onwards, the buyer has no say in whether they can opt out of this scheme.


When the buyer doesn’t want to accept the global shipping programme charges, they have to ask the seller to remove it from the listing before they can bid. Of course, the seller can refuse to do so. So, if you really want the item, you are forced to pay for the services, if you want them or not.


Also to state: the fees charged are hugely over the odds – it’s much, much more than the actual charges- what they call ‘brokerage fees’


Plus- and this is from personal experience: I had an item damaged by the global shipping programme: They seem to inspect items & open packages with carpet knives…only to be resealed with ‘ebay’  branded sellotape. My book arrived with a cut through half the book- including the front cover. When I tried to complain, they didn’t want to know. The only recourse was to return the item to the poor seller, who is now also out of pocket.


I think that, if I’m the customer, I should be able to decide what services are provided to me- and only I decide if I’m willing to pay for them or not.


Smells like another one of those ‘Payment Protection’ scams that lost the banks millions when the courts finally caught up with them! 


Perhaps we should start procedings…



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