Advice please…Bidder with 3 FB and 2 for non payment has bid on an item

I am wondering what others would do in this situation please.   I have an item of jewellery currently up for auction.  it does have 1 day 23 hours to run.   I have previously listed this item which had very few views and the item  ended without any bids.


Someone has made a bid at the start price.   I have noticed that they only have 3 feedback.  The first was more than a year ago and everything was fine.  The second was during the past year stating that they did not pay.    The third feedback was during the past 6 months stating that they are a timewaster and did not pay.


As a seller what would you do?   Half  of me thinks that maybe i should just let the auction run and see if they are outbid or if they win the item see if they pay.   The other  half of me thinks that maybe i should try and cancel their bid and block them as I am going on holiday middle of next week and do not want the hassle.   I am very fortunate that i very rarely have any non payers but at the minute i have a little bit of a sinking feeling.



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