Has Ebay changed their defect policy?

Hello all,


To cut a long story short I recently sold a iPhone on Ebay which was clearly listed as being locked to O2 Ireland and even said in the description “only a O2 Ireland sim card will work unless you unlock it”.  Four weeks after the sale the buyer contacted me yesterday saying he couldn’t get a signal with his sim card. I asked what sim card he has and he told me he had a O2 UK sim card. I explained as per the auction description the phone is locked to O2 Ireland which is a different network to O2 UK. I didn’t hear back from him until today when he opened a return request stating the phone was “defective”



Great I thought….another unfair defect I can waste several hours trying to get Ebay to remove. I got straight onto live chat and just before the Ebay employee cut me off with the “I’ve done all I can to help you so I’m ending the chat now” line they made this statement:


” As I mentioned above, please be informed that resolving the issue with your buyer without asking eBay to step in will avoid you from any defect which I don’t want you to have. Also, issuing a full refund to your buyer will refund your final value fee credit back on your account.”



Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the moment the buyer opens a return request claiming the item is defective the seller receives a defect?


Is that not the case?



Thank you in advance for your thoughts.




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