Ebays customer service & case rules are a joke!

Just come off the phone with ebay’s customer service.


To put it in a nutshell, A buyer purchased an item from us and missed the delivery 3 times, This resulted in a 10 day delay and having the item sent back to us, they opened a case and stated they had not received the item yet confirmed they had previous trouble with a delivery driver of the company we used and was not willing to give us a phone number to ensure delivery of the parcel. Tracking of this parcel was uploaded to the case file along with tracking details and notes.


We proceeded to send another item out and send the buyer the tracking number as we was away on holiday when the parcel would be delivered. It then turned out that the case was closed and put in the buyers favour and ebays AUTOMATIC system refunded the money and closed the case causing a drop in our sellers dashboard. The parcel was delivered and signed for by the customer which means our ratings have dropped and are £70 out of pocket because of ebays silly automatic system.


I was told there is no way ebay/paypal can have the money sent back to my account and would have to sort this out directly with the buyer and also no way they can reverse the case even though they have the item. Im awaiting a call back from a so called manager now after supposedly speaking to the highest level of customer service which basically sounded like someone reading from a screen. 


I don’t understand how ebay can allow a a automatic system to refund money, They need a real person to review cases not a robot! Its not the money i am annoyed about it is simply the principle that ebay take no care of seller what so ever yet we are the ones who keep ebay alive!!


If i don’t get the outcome i want,  this will be taken further as i have requested all 3 chat logs and noted everything




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