Help moving money internationally

Hello, I am an US citizen who has been using Paypal (personal) since its inception nearly. In the coming months I will be moving to Peru to do work for a German company (paid in Euro to a German bank account.) I will be doing business in all 3 countries:


So my questions are:


1. Am I allowed to also create a German Paypal account linked to my German bank account, and a Peruvian Paypal account linked to my Peruvian bank account?




2. Can I link foreign bank accounts (German and Peruvian) to my US Paypal account?


3. Does Paypal use competitive exchange rates? i:e as of today 5/20/15 xe has the following ( 1USD = .90 Euro = 3.15 PEN)

    I ask because most transactions, two to four per month, will be between 1000 – 5000 Euro.


4. If I cannot link all three bank accounts together into my US paypal and CAN create the 3 different paypals, am I allowed to transfer funds in between my own paypal accounts?


I will have to be moving money between these 3 countries on a regular basis and straight bank to bank transactions are going to cost me a fast food salary in a year….


Keep in mind these are not business accounts nor used for business. I will moving my money from one bank to the next.


Thank you for your help in advance.

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