Buyers scamming me over Amazon voucher codes

Unbelievaby **bleep**.


I have sold £40 worth of voucher codes that I sent in ebay messages after the auction. Absolutely nothing wrong with codes; all in perfect working order.


A few days later, the guy who bought the £30 code said he never received it. I’ve messaged him incessantly trying to resolve this, he isn’t responding. Code has been used. My paypal account is frozen. 


Then, tonight, another guy did it with a £10 voucher. Said it was never recieved. Same story- checked the code, it’s been used. 


I have contacted Amazon to see if they can tell me when and by whom the vouchers were used. 


Both buyer accounts are very new with little to no feedback. 


Really upset about this. I’m a student who barely can afford to feed herself and I cannot afford to get scammed.


Any advice (NOT you were stupid to sell them on ebay etc etc. Helpful comments only please!)

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