Increase in sellers not honouring sale?

Not sure if it’s just my subjective impression, but I feel that there is an increase in sellers not honouring a sale recently.

I believe it may be because the item went for less than they expected, but why start the auction so low then, or why not put a reserve price in? 

I buy quite a lot on ebay and this happened three times withing the last 30 transactions (within a fortnight) – 10%, is that normal? No communication and I had to open a case to get a refund.

I am certainly not out to make a seller’s life a misery, but selling practice like that does attract negative fb and strikes. It’s frustrating for the buyer. You win an item, you pay for it straight away and then you can just hope that your stuff gets actually send. 
And I know that some buyers don’t want to leave INR feedback anymore, as they don’t want to be seen as “scammers” to other sellers – even if they honestly have not received an item. 

Not really a fun way of purchasing. 

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