[SOLUTION] PayPal does not allow to add Community Federal Savings Bank (Payoneer) to withdraw funds.

Hello Everyone. I am new PayPal User. I am facing many problems here. Main thing is that I am unable to link Community Federal Savings Bank (Payoneer) Bank account with PayPal to withdraw funds. Error is something like this: You cannot add a bank at this time.


>>> I also find the reason that many users from unsupported countries ask here. PayPal does not allow adding Payoneer (US Bank) to Non-US PayPal account. But link Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard without any issue. <<<

 >>> If you want to add Payoneer Bank, You should use US PayPal account and should have SSN to verify that is impossible for Non US users. <<< SSN was not important till last year but after April 2015 this is required to use US PayPal for new Users.


This was working fine when I was using US PayPal account, but I am not a US citizen and have no SSN. So I close that account again and now using Kuwait account. I have both nationalities of UAE and Pakistan. At this time I am in Pakistan and can use only Payoneer with PayPal. Now I am again unable to add Community Federal Savings Bank (Payoneer) with PayPal and unable to withdraw funds. But My Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard is linked successfully. After linking Card My account is also verified.


>>> Finally Now I am facing these problems:

  1. I am also unable pay using my card but can use PayPal balance only. (even my card is linked successfully after charge $1.64).
  2. I am unable to add Community Federal Savings Bank (Payoneer) Bank to withdraw funds because I have Non US PayPal account and Payoneer is US based account provider.
  3. PayPal support does not give any response so I ask them to add this bank manually.


If anyone has solution, please help me to solve this. In short! I know the solution but PayPal support is not replying to Email but just automated emails. Please give any Idea to fast contact with support. (I am also weak in English Talking so live call is final option but difficult).

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