Unfair competition from ebay.com sellers ?

This is something I’ve touched on before, but after reading a post from someone about giving up on ebay, I thought I’d throw this out there to see the reaction and opinions of other sellers.


This is the latest in a regular series of monthly (or more often) promos on ebay.com……



It’s for 2,000 free listings and comes as either 30 days fixed priced, good ’till cancelled, or a mixture.

Some points from me first –

1) Imagine all those sellers in the states who might be listing in your category with worldwide visibility (depending on what they sell of course), now listing several hundred more items each

2) Imagine you list lower priced stuff under a fiver, with many items around a pound – now you’ll get hundreds or thousands more dot com listings which can be priced as low as 65p (99 cents) whilst you are restricted to a 99p minimum

3) Many buyers, especially in collectibles categories, like to buy multiple items to get combined postage, and will perhaps order their search results by cheapest first………  guess which sellers will top the list ?


I wouldn’t be complaining as much if we UK sellers got equal treatment, but in a global market it doesn’t seem right that usa sellers can have such a big advantage on ebay UK (our home site) – I feel every ebay site should offer similar deals regarding quantity of free listings, and more especially the minimum price.

There are different deals on offer for shops as well, although I have not studied the fine print enough to quote here.


Chinese sellers are a different matter, I’m only comparing 2 countries/sites which often seem to have mingled listings when I do a search.


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