Ebay is siding with buyers when it should side with sellers

Ebay policies are really stupid and innane.


Recently sold an item on ebay and the buyer did not contact me or pay me. So I launched an unpaid case against him to get my fees back which is ok.


But then when I try and leave feedback against him for non payment, I find I cant. SO he is allowed to bid on stuff and get away with not paying YET have a 100% feedback ratio of positive feedback because no-one can leave bad feedback against buyers.


But as a buyer i can leave bad feedback against sellers as I wish.


This is stupid and innane for a simple reason.




Logically sellers are ebay’s bread and butter. ebay makes money from our listing fees, our final list prices, a percentage of our postage costs, and even their cut for using paypal.


What do buyers contribute towards ebays upkeep??? NOTHING, the costs are all on the sellers side buyers get charged nothing at all.


So what does ebay do? protect the buyers from bad feedback whilst its open season on sellers!!!!!

Ebay obviously hasnt heard of the caveate of buyer beware, but am curious as to why ebay takes this stance.


Surely as a seller who encounters people who not only do not pay but do not even have the common curtosy of replying to your invoices we should be able to warn other sellers of these people. But ebay denies us the basic right.


If ebay want a marketplace of realistic ratings then it should not tie peoples hands behind its back like it does with sellers.

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