eBay refunded before royal mail expected delivery?

I sold an item on eBay about 2 weeks ago. It took several days for the buyer to confirm their final order and the item was posted 10 days ago second class by royal mail. Within 2 days the buyer sent me a rude message saying they hadn’t recvied the item. I explained that it could take a little longer and I have had 8 messages, all quite rude and intimidating since then demanding refunds. I’ve been as helpful as I can, but not responded to all messages because they are repetitive and rude.


The buyer opened a dispute on Friday. I responded ASAP stating that the latest expected delivery date by royal mail was Wednesday and if there was still no luck I’d refund (as already stated in my private messages). Today eBay decided in their favour, refunded and then took the money from my paypal account? I’m guessing if the item arrives the buyer won’t be willing to mention it? 


My questions are a) How is it ok for eBay to authroise paypal to release funds I haven’t agreed to?

                             b) Why have eBay refunded so quickly with little option for me to deal with this?

                             c)IS there anything I can do about this?



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