Buyer used laptop for 179 days, now want a refund

Long story short, sold a $1500 laptop 179 days ago to a buyer. They want to return it, I said no way, so they filed a paypal dispute and escalated the claim on the 179th day. They got all sorts of excuses, I didn’t know the laptop was bought for a 16 year old. Sigh…


Trouble is I have closed that paypal account a while ago. when I switched from sole trader. I can’t even log in to respond to their claim. Paypal says if I don’t respond with in 10 days they will refund the buyer. I emailed paypal with my side of the story about two days ago. Paypal today send anther email requesting information or will hold my funds.


What should I do? The paypal account was closed before the dispute was filed and since the transaction happened so long ago, Australia post probably don’t even have tracking info left. I can’t even find the tracking number now… probably have to dig up old receipts…


Will paypal take money from my bank account or credit card if the dispute is ruled to buyer’s favour? As I said I can’t even login to my old paypal account and respond to this ridiculous claim.

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