Has 2nd class delivery time reduced?

Has something changed? Has ebay reduced the estimated delivery of 2nd class?



2 customers have asked (this week alone) where their 2nd class items are on the 2nd working day. 


Say an item is bought today (Today is Tuesday, for those reading this later in the week), when customers viewed the ‘Order Details’ the estimated delivery used to show:

Estimated delivery between “Thursday and Friday”. (for items sent the same day)

Now it reads:

Estimated delivery of Thursday. The Friday is now removed. 


Yet, and I quote the Royal Mail website:

“We aim to deliver 98% of 2nd Class items within three working days of posting.”


and the service we use and pay for says at the top of the page in bold letter:

“UK wide Parcel Delivery in 3 working days”

See webpage for business users here: http://www.royalmail.com/business/services/sending/parcels-uk/2nd-class-parcels

Yes, Royal Mail are avoiding saying 2 working days and I know it ‘could’ get their on the 2nd day but it’s not the services estimated date, as advertised.


This 3 day service is what my customer purchase through me and ebay, this is the service advertised by Royal Mail.

This is a service I use to deliver their goods in 3 working days. 


So why are ebay not telling OUR customers that it will be estimated to arrive on the 3rd working day?

Beyond me. Rant, yes, but I would like us to consider protesting to ebay about this, as it’s within their benefit to correctly inform the customers. Moreover; their competitors all say 3 working days to their customers.


This will only create lots more defective customers, for everyone. Surely it’s time to put back in the 3rd working day or better still, remove the 2nd day as an estimate?


Thanks and I look forward to discussion with you all on this issue.



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