Fake vape items

Hi i just thought i would post about my recent experience buying vape items on ebay.


I bought a eleaf 50w battery mod and a kanger subtank mini in a package deal from a seller with a 97.9% feedback score and most of the negative feedback i saw was related to delivery problems with items not arriving and the seller responded to all negative feedback correcting the issues.


My items arrived and looked awsome,Brand new sealed box’s with authentication codes i was really happy with my purchaces.

Then a few days of having my items the battery mod stopped working i had not done anything to it and just thought it might of been a faulty item so i mailed the seller with my problem and went about googling to see if others had the same problem with the item.


This is where my experience went downhill the first post i found said to check the codes to make sure the items were real as there is a lot of fakes going around,So i entered my eleaf 50w code into the site and was told my item was not genuine so proceded to kangertech’s site to find that my tank’s code had been queried over 3300 times with the 1st time being a year before i bought my item.


So i again contacted the seller and he refunded my purchace price very fast and asked that i return the items and mail him the tracking number then he would refund me the postage cost.So after sending the items and providing tracking number he ignored my mails and has not contacted me since.


With me being quite inexperienced with fake items/returns i never considered i might of been scammed out of the return delivery amount since the seller seemed happy to help me returning my purchace amount without hassle.


I have since contacted ebay and they sorted my problem out and am very happy with the service they provided me with.


So if your looking into buying vape items/accessories or any items that come with a authentication code then make sure to check it,Just by looking at the box you can never be sure as both my items had codes/scratch panels which looked real but its only by checking you can be sure.


I thought by telling my experience i might save a few people from getting ripped off being sold fake products.




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