This is an experience as a buyer, but I thought this was the most appropriate place to ask the question. 


I’ve received a small parcel with a sticker reading “MONITORED MAIL” with a barcode and a number attached beside the address. Google tells me that these are sold to and used by ebay sellers to reduce the number of INR claims on items that are too low priced to send with actual tracking.


This seems reasonable, but “monitored” is a bit weird in that it suggests some sort of intrusive snooping like you might expect from Customs. I’ve sent the seller a message to ask for confirmation that they put the label there “before I ring Royal Mail to ask why they’re monitoring my post”. I’ve already left positive feedback and the message itself states that I’ve received the item so they shoudln’t need to worry.


Does anyone here use these stickers and do you get many questions from buyers?



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