WARNING – Do Not Buy from Ebay using Global Shipping Programme

Just a warning, and if anyone has any advice.


Bought an expensive item from a seller in the US, under the global shipping programme.


Item was shown delivered to Pitney Bowes (GSP in the States), where Ebay effectively takes over ownership of the item.


Item made it to the UK, and then suddenly appeared on the tracking as delivered. Yet it wasn’t. It was ‘delivered’ on a day when I was in hospital, and it was not delivered to any neighbours etc.


Had to open a claim which was rejected as it stated ‘delivered’ on the tracking, eBay quickly denied the appeal saying the proof it was delivered was the tracking number showing delivered at my post code. They cannot provide a signature, and no evidence that is has been delivered. They also cannot provide details of what courier it was, other than referring to ‘win direct’ , which are a handling company not the courier.


When I call they continually tell me someone will get back to me after 72 hours, never happens. When I send emails I get the same information back, they refuse to answer the questions I ask (such as courier used, signature, proof of delivery, the fundamentals of the GSP which they do not seem to understand) etc.


They refuse to take responsibility for the matter, telling me to email the seller (yet fail to understand as the item was shipped under the GSP the seller is not responsible) and continually get a response from the appeals team in Manilla not addressing the problem.


Basically all they say ‘item is delivered’


I tell them it is not, and if it is please provide proof.


They say the ‘tracking’ number is proof.


I ask what tracking number for what courier


They say win direct


I say they are not a courier. What is the courier




and on it goes.


They have also written in their own emails to me that the item could of been delivered to the wrong address!!!!! and to contact the seller for compensation. They do not understand that the seller has met the obligations by shipping to the GSP warehouse in the states where ebay takes ownership. They make NO comment when I reference this in emails.


Up to now, this is around 14 phone calls, and 7 emails, and gotten nowhere at all. I am down £200.


So be warned people, eBay UK will not take responsibility for lost/stolen/undelivered parcels, they do not understand their own policy with the GSP and are effectively thieves.

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