Opened a request to return – item does not match description

I received an item at the weekend that does not match the description, it is a pushchair which is ripped, a horse shoe nail in one of the tyres and the front wheel so badly damaged, it is unsafe to use.

I immediatelty told the seller my concerns and after a couple of messages between us, she agreed for me to return the pram.

I then opened a request to return.

The sticking point now seems to be that the seller wants me to send the pram back to her, pay the postage and then she will retund me.

I would rather she responded to my request to return and follow any instructions that Ebay may have for us.

I am now being bombarded with messages asking for video proof of the damages – I have supplied pictures

The seller originally said she would refund but over the last 24 hours has changed her mind several times

I have just been asked by the seller to write to Ebay and tell them that I made a mistake the pram is as described.  The seller says that way she will not have to pay return postage just refund me my original costs.

I really am at a loss, how to deal with this.  I thought I had to post this back within 5 days of opening a case.

Any advice would be very very welcome

Thank you in advance.

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