Paypal closes dispute thats not been resolved as requested.

Good day everyone,


So I ordered a bunch of palm plant seeds a little over a month ago. It was a relatively small amount (€30,00) so I didnt bother checking reviews of the store, something I normally always do.

After a week of no response from the seller, I decided to google their store. I find a boatload of similar complaints with people not receiving their seeds or receiving bad quality seeds after months of waiting.


After reading all that, I decided to ask for a refund so I email the shop owner making them aware I no longer want the shipment.

One week later, still no response so I file a paypal dispute, I give the shop owner another week to respond through paypal before I escelate the claim.


The shop owner once again doesnt respond to anything, until one day before the dispute closes I receive the package.

Now I made it really clear that I wanted a refund in my paypal claim and in my email to the buyer. Needless to say I was a ltitle disgruntled that they ended up sending my shipment a day before I would be done with all this hassle.


Upon receiving the package I instantly send it right back to them with track n trace, needing a signature for aproval upon receipt. I figured I would be able to send said information to paypal once the package was received and then I’d be able to show the items I no longer wanted, were already shipped back.


Today I woke up only to find paypal had closed my dispute as resolved. The seller hasn’t responded to me even once in a month time. The seller also hasn’t left a single comment on the paypal dispute for me to view.  Meanwhile I’ve been supplying paypal with information and have been patient in a resolution. For them to simply close my case upon receipt  when I made it really clear I wanted a refund is simply unacceptable and very dissapointing.

It coulda been an empty package at this point..


Now that paypal closed the dispute and I have shipped back the items, I supppose I’m at the mercy of the unresponsive seller to try and get my money back? 

I always heard really good things regarding paypal and buyer protection but I must say this is dissapointing. 

I know I was incredibly stupid to not google the shop for reviews. Siimply ordering it, assuming paypal had my back was a bad choice indeed.


If anyone has some tips or pointers on how to further resolve this issue with paypal I’d love to hear it.


Many thanks in advance,


Edit* D’oh, thought I posted this in the “about protection” section. My apologies. 

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