Why put information on sales page if no one really gives a hoot about it

Hey all


This is one of the things that winds me up so much with buyers on eBay (minimal but still annoying)


Tshirt bought Thursday night, stated they wanted it for wednesday


Expected delivery date 11th June 


Item sent today,


Email received “wheres my item i need it for thursday i bought it 5 days ago”


politely replied that we dont work weekends and that our items are dispatched within 3 working days.


Reply “well if you dont work weekends why didnt you post it on Friday the day after I ordered, If i dont get it tomorrow I better get a full refund”


Why dont they read they delivery date when purchasing, why dont they read the information that we have displayed on all our 700 items 


I already know the answer to be honest but I really needed to vent


So i am now expecting a negative feedback because she didnt get what she wanted

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