Can’t refund due to funds locked in Paypal

Private seller, buyer bought BIN, paid, sent, buyer decides it is faulty, returned tracked, tracking shows delivered back.

No problem so far, all I want to do is refund the buyer now.

I am trying to refund the buyer using the “refund buyer” in Ebay’s Returns section on All Selling.

However it comes up “The refund you sent didn’t go through“.

This is because in Paypal “The funds are not available while this transaction is being reviewed by eBay“.

So I am in the situation where Ebay wants me to refund but Paypal won’t let me due to … Ebay.

I have spoken with both Ebay and Paypal and both say the other needs to release.


Meanwhile the buyer is getting anxious and time is running out.


Does anyone have any experience of how to resolve this please.




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