Commercial ePacket Shipping Detailed Info

Commercial ePacket Shipping
Commercial ePacket Shipping

Commercial ePacket Shipping is USPS Commercial ePacket (CeP) – Shipping with tracking for half the cost of 1st Class

The Commercial ePacket Service from the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers online retailers a quick, easy, and economical solution for shipping lightweight (less than 2kg, or 4.4 pounds) and low-value (less than $400) merchandise, along with the peace of mind that comes with end-to-end tracking and delivery confirmation.

This post is about Commercial ePacket Shipping from U.S to other countries. for someone who looking for ePacket Shipping from China or Hongkong, Please read here

Commercial ePacket provides door to door tracking to 27 countries with more being added.

List of supported countries for Commercial ePacket shipping now:

New Zealand
Great Britain

  • Requires integration with your Endicia account
  • Delivery in 3-7 days from our entry at Chicago O’Hare
  • Send merchandise to 4.4 lbs
  • Your tracking numbers available immediately when you generate the shipping label

Use Commercial ePacket to Send lightweight purchases to 27 countries with the speed and transparency eCommerce customers demand. Track shipments all the way to your customer’s door.

Package or Parcel Requirements:

  • Maximum length is 24″.
  • Minimum size is large enough to accommodate required elements, such as postage, address, and customs form.
  • The total of length, height, and thickness cannot exceed 36″.
  • Maximum weight is 4.4 lbs or 2 kg.


Rolls Requirements:

  • Maximum length is 36″.
  • Maximum length plus twice the diameter combined is 42″.
  • Minimum length is 4″.
  • Minimum length plus twice the diameter combined is 6 3/4″.
  • Maximum weight is 4.4 lbs or 2 kg.
[caption id="attachment_21887" align="aligncenter" width="671"]Commercial ePacket Shipping Package or Parcel Requirements Commercial ePacket Shipping Package or Parcel Requirements[/caption]

How to track Commercial ePacket Shipping packets ?

You can track it online at website or call below number:

Domestic & International USPS Tracking™

Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8:30 PM ET
Saturday 8 AM – 6 PM ET

Each item will have a Commercial ePackets® label bearing a barcode with an “LX” prefix (see an example below), a Prime Post Expres marking; and in addition, each label also contains the Customs Label, the CN 22. This will allow delivery confirmation information to be transmitted when the item is scanned in the receiving country. The labels are prepared by International Delivery Solutions according to USPS specifications. Commercial ePackets® are pre-sorted and pre-sacked and brought to the USPS International Service Center by International Delivery Solutions.

Example of Commercial ePacket label:

[caption id="attachment_21888" align="aligncenter" width="341"]Commercial ePacket Shipping Commercial ePacket Shipping[/caption]

What is Commercial ePacket shipping time?

It usually take 1-2 weeks. The first scan will appear at the International Service center, and sends customs pre-clearance information to the receiving foreign post. Within 4-14 days the items clears postal customs; and the item receives delivery confirmation.

Why i should use Commercial ePacket?

The Commercial ePacket Service is the ideal solution for economical shipping of lightweight commerce. It’s fully trackable, with delivery confirmation and tracking performed right on the website, and provides free returns on undeliverable items. And it’s one of the easiest ways to ship merchandise overseas.

Parcels shipped via the ePacket Service are sent as commercial letter-post packets, with acceptance scans by USPS and delivery scans by foreign post, utilizing overseas prime post networks.

They receive postal customs clearance, with any duties and taxes paid by the recipient of the shipment. All with the kind of quick delivery service that online retailers have come to expect; the transit time of an ePacket shipment is only 4 to 9 days in most cases.

Parcels shipped out with the ePacket service get something else: peace of mind. In addition to being fully trackable, all ePacket shipments get unique label and barcode IDs with the LX item prefix, as well as electronic manifesting and labeling performed by OSM Worldwide.

This means that you can track any item that you send out via the ePacket Service from your door to your customer’s. It also leads to simpler bookkeeping, and fewer headaches when worrying about customs, or dealing with international post.

Who will use Commercial ePacket?

Online retailers who ship smaller, lower-cost items also tend to ship a lot of items. Keeping track of all those parcels can be a real chore, especially when customs, foreign postal services, and other complications come into play.

The last thing you want is for your package to go through two or three different bar codes and get entered into half-a-dozen different systems before it finally reaches its destination. You want something you can track from start to finish, all by going to one location, and that will get your merchandise where it’s going easily, economically, and on time. That’s where the Commercial ePacket Service comes in.

How to use Commercial ePacket as a shipping method for my bussiness?

At present, the only way to use the ePacket Service is through a Postal Qualified Wholesaler. Many of them out there, you can do a quick search using this keyword ” United States Postal Service® (USPS) Postal Qualified Wholesaler” who  offering USPS Commercial ePacket® Service. I dont want to put any name here cause it made this post like an ads

Also for Commercial ePacket shipping rates, you can contact them to ask cause i realy dont know 🙂

Thanks for reading! If you have got any news or questions, Please post a comment below. I’ll try my best to answer it.




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