*STUDENT ACCOUNT; “We can’t send your payments right now. If… etc” (Can’t send over $5.99?)

The max limit is $5.99 I can send through friends/family. I’m trying to send some cash over to my dad for a little present, but I can not go over the limit of $5.99?

I’ve called paypal a lot and they said just for any payments you want to send to someone, have your parents take it out of your account AND send it through their account, BUT I don’t like that process because then my parents will get all these email alerts about “payment received”, etc.

I confimed my bank account/proved identity. My parents even confimrmedthat I can send over $5.99, BUT am not given the choice to be able to send over $5.99.

I’m a little confused on why I can not send more than $5.99,

thanks beforehand!

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